About Alec Bowman

Alec is a Senior Solutions Architect at Genesys. He is an innovative, collaborative and highly customer focused WFO Solution Architect, Consultant, Analyst and Manager with 14 years experience in the Contact Centre industry and a proven track record of financial and operational success. He has global experience of Contact Centre technologies and the change management challenges they can present. Alec is an excellent communicator at all levels, with experience of everything from training thousands of end users on a new WFO tool to successfully presenting a €9.5m EJM / ROI to a global Board of Directors.

Luca Conti

About Luca Conti

Consulente per l'uso avanzato del social media marketing, segue l'evoluzione del social web dal 2002. Autore e curatore della collana Web & Marketing 2.0 per Hoepli, collabora con varie testate giornalistiche ed è un pioniere del blog.