About Juergen Tolksdorf

As Senior Director of ISV Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, Juergen manages the Technology Partnership Program and AppFoundry Program. Prior to this role, he managed Genesys' Solution Strategy and Research and Development groups within Genesys. Juergen joined Genesys in 2009 through an acquisition of a customer experience solution company that built voice self-service management and automated provisioning of Genesys environments. Juergen has a long history in contact center management and implemented a variety of customer experience strategies of large technology companies across Europe.

About Nupur Maini

Nupur Maini is the Senior Product Owner for Analytics and Reporting for PureConnect at Genesys. Prior to joining Genesys, Nupur had ten years of experience in managing CRM products and has worked with several Global Fortune 500 customers in a variety of roles in delivering, analyzing, product managing, and bringing innovative solutions to market in the CRM domain. When Nupur is not improving the customer experience she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

About Steve Kosiba

Steve is the Global Product Marketing Manager for Workforce Optimization and Decisions with over 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C companies. He supports workforce engagement solutions across the Genesys portfolio, bringing a diverse marketing background that includes public relations, advertising, market analysis and lead generation. Steve is a self-proclaimed foodie and a gourmet cook living in Indianapolis, Indiana.

About Abi Chandra

Abi is a Cloud Technology Evangelist at Genesys. His career in telephony has mimicked the life cycle of contact center solutions. After working on Rockwell’s ACD systems in the 1990’s, he used server board-based systems at Aspect Solutions and IP systems at Interactive Intelligence. His primary background is in Cisco Systems data and voice technologies. He regularly hosted architecture design sessions for ININ's channel partners. Now as a Cloud Technology Evangelist at Genesys, he helps customers translate their business vision into technical reality. In his spare time, he enjoys creative arts and making indie films, one of which is available on Netflix. People are surprised to hear that he is an avid Jazzerciser.

About Chip McCoy

Chip is the Genesys Global Technology Evangelist. Chip spent the first half of his Genesys years as a PureCloud software engineer and team lead for social engagement before transforming into his global strategy and evangelist roles. Possessing five patents pending, Chip continues his active involvement with new technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain, automated vehicles, and behavioral shifts that are rapidly impacting the way our society communicates and connects moments. Chip lives in the heart of Tennessee. When not working as a futurist, Chip partners with his wife and family as volunteers every weekend mentoring inner-city and at-risk children.

About Lucy Norris

Lucy Norris is executive vice president, global leader of customer success responsible for end-to-end customer and partner enablement and support -- from strategy to execution incorporating revenue, delivery, and profitability. She is responsible for customer implementations, education and ongoing support of Genesys products and solutions in the cloud and on premises. This remit includes Genesys Care, the Genesys customer care program; Professional Services focused on customer realization of Genesys-based business outcomes; Genesys University focused on customer and partner enablement; and Customer Success Managers who represent the voice-of-customer — all of which are designed to drive customer loyalty evidenced by customer retention and expansion. Lucy joined Genesys in 2012 to create a global support and maintenance program and led the launch of Genesys Care and the transformation of the Genesys Customer Care organization to a global 24X7 center of excellence. Prior to Genesys, she served as senior vice president of global customer care at Global 360, a Texas-based leader in business process management software, acquired by Open Text. She has served as vice president of product management, customer care and commercialization at Eastman Software, Inc., a subsidiary of the Eastman Kodak Company.